Saturday, March 19, 2011

Growning Up

Days like today remind that beyond all the medical terms, doctors appointments, medications and worries, Evan is just a baby, our baby.  He is our last baby and I am trying to cherish every moment.  Every first, every last. 

We started the day shopping for new clothes for Evan.  He is finally  putting on weight and growning out of his clothes.  Until recently he was still wearing clothes I got during my baby shower.  He is still so tiny he can still fit in some of the same clothes he did this time last year.  At last check he was 18 pounds!

We then took him for his first "real" haircut.  I have trimmed his hair a few times before at home, but nothing too much.  He did so good.  I held him and he just sat wondering what was going on.  I sat thinking, my baby is growing fast.  But I must admit he looks absolutely adorable!!!!


What are these people doing??


I'm a big boy!

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