Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Bump in the Road

The last two weeks have been great! Evan has been feeling well, happy and gaining weight! We were smooth sailing...until....

Yesterday I took Evan to his pediatrician for a recheck on the ear infection he had a few weeks back.  He had already had two courses of antibiotics for it and I figured it was probably gone.  I guessed wrong.  His ear still looks red and inflamed and we were started on a third course of an even stronger antibiotic.  Our pediatrician also gave us a referral to see an ENT to discuss the possibility of tubes.  She's not convinced that he needs them, but wants us to see them regardless since this is his first ear infection and it has been so resistant.  I can handle that.  All kids struggle with ear infections.  But then...

Last night as I was getting Evan ready for bed I noticed his lower right leg was red, hard and warm as it had the the night before.  The night before I thought it was due to his AFO being on too tight.  Last night I was feeling around his leg and could literally feel his bone move back and forth.  I was literally sick to my stomach over it.  We were just making progress with him after his surgery. Things had been quiet for a while.  I wanted to scream.  I took him to see his Ortho doc today and sure enough, he has a break.  It is a slanted break so I was told that they would try to set and cast it, but it was similar to putting a ball on the top of a hill, that there was a good chance that the bone would move back down itself on its own.  Because he can't move his lower leg, it help the situation, but if it doesn't work, we are headed to surgery. 

I was so enjoying some peace and lack of doctors around here.   It's just another bump in the road, but one I was not ready for.


  1. Oh poor baby! I always worry that Caleb is going to do the same thing, just break a leg and he wouldn't have a clue! Praying for NO surgery :)

  2. Oh no! I'm so sorry. I hope the cast is enough!

  3. Oh no! I hope it heals quickly!
    And those pesky ears smarten up too!