Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Broken Leg: Part 2

I took Evan back to the ortho today to see how his broken leg was doing.  They took and x-ray through the cast that was put on last week, only to show the bone had moved back to where it was prior to the first casting.  After some discussion we decided to take off his cast, reset the bone and recast him.  With a kid who has feeling, they would be put under IV sedation for this procedure, but they felt Evan would be fine with nothing.  He screamed the first time, he screamed this time.  I truly don't think he has much feeling in his lower legs, but I wish they had been able to give him something. 

After the new cast was put on they did another x-ray to see how it looked and the bone had slid again during the casting.  The PA who we were seeing said that a 2 to 10 degree angle on the bone was considered acceptable, but after the second cast Evans bone was at a 14 degree angle.  So, I realize it is only 4 degrees, but to me, thats too much.  I have a kid, who's walking ability is already compromised and I don't want to do anything additional to add to his challenges. So the options we were given were we could take the cast off, reset it again and recast it a third time, cut part of the cast away and put spacers in the cast to push his leg into place, but because of his lack of feeling wasn't the best choice becuase they sometimes cause issues and Evan wouldn't feel it as a way to let us know or do nothing and reckeck the leg next week.  

 I am not thrilled with any of these options.  I asked him if our regular ortho, who has seen Evan since he was 5 weeks old and has done several surgeries on him knew what was going on with him and what her opinion was.  She was at another office, so he called her, she said she was fine with the way the bone was and to follow up with her next week.  I am frustrated.  I explained my frustration to the PA.  I try so hard to advocate for Evan, but at what point is it advocating versus being a bitch.  I know I am not a doctor and I try not to second guess their knowledge, but this seems unacceptable to me.  I want his leg straight.  If that means surgery, than so be it.  I want his leg fixed. 

So we return again on Monday to see our regular ortho doc. I never try to sound negative, but I don't expect much improvement, what I do expect is better options. 


  1. Lisa - I am SO very sorry to read about Evan's leg break and now the struggles to get it fixed PROPERLY. You have every right to feel the way you do and I'm sorry they are not acting with the same passion for accuracy.

    I will pray hard that next week when you return that his leg will be healing properly and if not that an acceptable solution will be reached. You are are in charge and you know what is right. Listen to and trust your gut and demand the excellent care your sweet boy deserves.

    Sending hugs your way!

  2. Ugh, I am so sorry! I pray that you can get them to listen and get it fixed correctly!