Wednesday, September 7, 2011

On A Positive Note...

A while back I realized that every time I sat down to do blogging, something bad was going on.  Whether Evan was sick, or I was having a problem with insurance, or I was just having a down day.  I want this blog to be an outlet, but I  am not a negative person and I don't want this blog to represent me as that.  I tend to be upbeat and  positive on most days.  I know there are hard times and struggles, but somehow it always works out in the end, or maybe doesn't work out, but is the way it should be. 

The last time I sat down to blog, I was fuming about Evan not being able to get the insurance to cover the extra physical therapy he so desperately needs.  Half way through my ranting, I got a call from the nurse at my doctors office saying she just received the approval. 

Honestly, things are pretty good. I have a beautiful daughter who amazes me with how smart she is everyday and above all she is a great big sister.  Nothing sounds better when she and Evan are laying on the floor together laughing over absolutely nothing.  Evan has changed my world.  His smile...melts me. 

I have always wanted to be involved with something that I could contribute to and I have found it.  Well to be truthful, it found me.  I am working on two different committees with our local Spina Bifida Association and I take great pride in both of them.  I am doing some serious thinking about running for our board.  At first I was hesitant as I have never been on a board and wasn't sure I could offer much to them.  Now as I consider it more, I realize it could be a great learning and growing experience.  And, above all, it is obviously a cause I believe so deeply in. 

The lights of my life!!!