Monday, January 3, 2011

A New Year!

2011!  A new year!  We spent the new year in Kansas with my in-laws and had a great time.  We all really needed the time away.  Once we got home I opened our new calendar and started transferring birthdays, anniversaries, etc.  It struck me how bare our 2011 calendar looks compared to 2010.  SOOO many entries.  Doctors appointments, tests, xrays, therapies, surgeries, and a few fun things like dinners and parties with friends. It's amazing to visually see how much we really did during last year.   Then I look to this years calendar.  BLANK.  The possibilities are endless.  Maybe this year our calendar will be filled with first.  First time Evan crawled, stood, took a step, first loose tooth for Lauren. 

Our 1st first will happen tomorrow.  After much struggling, fighting and crying we are getting a stander for Evan.  We were fortunate enough to be able to borrow one for a while since our insurance would not cover it and we are still years away from getting Medicaid.

Tomorrow, Evan will stand.  Standing is the first step in actually taking steps!!

I am trying hard not to have any expectations or time frames in my head.  I am just grateful to be able to have access to a stander and we will see where it all goes from there.

Hope you all had a Happy New Year and wishing you a 2011 full of possibilities.

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