Sunday, February 20, 2011

Mostly Calm

Things around here have been fairly uneventful and mostly calm since coming home from the hospital 2 weeks ago, except one false alarm.  On Thursday I got a call from daycare saying that when they cathed him a lot of blood came out of the catheter.  I immediately assumed it was a bad UTI, so I called the doctor for an appointment that afternoon.  When I got to daycare to observe for myself what they had gotten out of his cath, it was an alarming amount of blood,  I thought it seemed a bit too much to be a UTI.  When we got to the doctor they cathed him again to try to send a urine sample to screen for a UTI, but they also just got blood.  They sent us for blood work to assure there was no internal bleeding somewhere and the pediatrician called our Urologist.  The blood test came back normal and they were unable to detect anything in the urine sample because it was pure blood.  .  The doctor came back to us and told us they thought maybe the catheter that had been used had an uncut sharp edge that made a cut somewhere inside his bladder, more than likely near his prostate because that is a very vascular area.  He had a Foley catheter put in so that we would not have to continue inserting catheters and aggravating the injured area.  He gets that taken out tomorrow.

While waiting for all this information I got on Facebook to the Spina Bifida Group and asked if anyone had ever experienced this.  As always, my fellow SB family was right there with reassuring information and prayers.  Other people had gone through this and it helped calm my nerves that nothing serious was going on. 

Other than this happening he seems to be doing really well.  We had a follow up with the GI doctor last Monday and he was only down 1 ounce since we left the hospital.  This is the least amount of weight he has lost between visits for a while.  He is still not eating the way he was before the hospitalization, but he is getting there. 

Tomorrow is the start of a new phase for Evan as he starts Speech Therapy.  As of now, he babbles and the only resemblance of a word that he can say is "dada" although I'm not sure he really understands that it has meaning.  I am so excited for him to start talking and being able to communicate with us.  I am so looking forward to hearing the sweet word "mama" from him. 


  1. I'm so glad it was nothing major!

  2. So scary, but such a relief that it's minor... well, in the grand scheme of things anyway! Glad to hear that he continues to do well.