Thursday, February 10, 2011

In the News

It's been almost a week since we have been home from the hospital.  Evan is doing amazing,  You would never know he had 2 surgeries just 8 days ago.  On Monday, I took him to the pediatrician for a follow up from our hospital stay only to find out that now he has an ear infection, so we had to start him on antibiotics.   This kid can truly not catch a break.  It took him a few days to get his appetite back but we are hoping that this surgery will be the answer.
Earlier this week I got word that our insurance company has finally approved a wheelchair for him.  He has a chair that is on loan, but it's too big and one his size will be easier for him to maneuver.  I am excited for him to have the opportunity to truly be mobile. It is hard to watch him observe everyone around him moving and see in his eyes how badly he wants to do the same.

This has been a craze of talk about the new study released regarding prenatal surgery for kids diagnosed with Spina Bifida.  A lot of other moms are questioning themselves and the decisions they made regarding being involved with it, as am I.  I never got a ton of information on the study other than the basics.  I knew with just the basics that as much benefit as it may have on Evan, there were risks.  Risks for him, for me and for our family as a whole. I worried about what it would do to Lauren for me to be gone for such a chunk of time.  I worried about how we would pay the bills if I couldn't work.  I worried I could lose the baby in my belly who I already loved so dearly.  It wasn't the right thing for us.  I must admit there is that small question in the back of my mind how differently he would be physically if we pursued it more, but in the end, it's his personality that makes him so amazing.  Even if he will never be a football star, or a famous track runner, even if he never runs at all, he is ours and he is perfect.


  1. He is perfect. My friend, Nancy, said those exact words shortly after Evan was born. I know she would love to know him and and the wonderful spirit he has.

  2. Beautifully expressed. :) Thank you for sharing.